Introducing the Mini-series: On Finding Love

Published by Allison Scott on

For this month, around Valentine’s Day, we’ll post a series related to dating and relationships while living with Morquio. 

This can be a complicated topic raising a whole list of questions:

  • How should I approach dating, and where do I even start?
  • What kind of person should I be looking for?
  • How should I deal with negative interactions with other people that may come up along the way?
  • How would my partner and I navigate issues related to disability together?

These questions are very personal and the answers will be different for everyone.

But as a place to start — we’ll be sharing the love stories of people living with Morquio who found their person and the journey that brought them together.

Thanks to all the couples who will be sharing their stories, and we hope you enjoy reading!

Meet our couples by clicking on the images or their names below!

Series Image Credit: Dennis Jarvis


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